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Primary Care

As of  July 1, 2022,  Lindsay Twarog is employed as a primary care provider by WVU Medicine.  WVU Reynolds Memorial Hospital owns and operates the Shadyside, OH primary care clinic. Don't worry,  Lindsay Twarog and staff will remain  in the same location and provide the same great care to patients. Note: the primary care practice and the Refresh Aesthetic Center by Shadyside Clinic LLC are separate businesses with Linsday Twarog owning and operating the aesthetic business located at the new St. Clairsville, OH location. WVU Medicine has no affiliation with the aesthetic business

*For primary care needs, please call WVU Reynolds Family Medicine - Shadyside at 740-325-1313

*Please only contact the WVU Medicine office in Shadyside, OH for primary care needs 

*Please only contact the Refresh Aesthetic Center for aesthetic needs.

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